The pandemic has caused many companies to go bankrupt. Covid-19 caused thousands of companies to suffer financially, to be unable to pay their debts, to be unable to produce, and eventually to shut down their companies. But for some companies, this pandemic process has turned into an opportunity. Companies that make good use of this opportunity have started to increase their sales further with the pandemic and has grown their businesses further. Especially companies working in the fields of health, medical ventilator producers, all companies producing in the field of health, digital and shipping have managed to turn the pandemic into an opportunity for themselves and Suno Medical is one of these companies.

You will achieve success if you are in the right place at the right time. At Suno Medical, this moment started with the explosion in the medical field with the onset of the pandemic. In 2019, people who caught the virus, face with breathing problems. For some people, this problem ended their life. And people needed a ventilator to breathe. Because they couldn’t breathe themselves. The world did not expect such a disaster and did not have enough medical equipments. Many countries around the world (especially Italy and America) suffered from this equipment shortage very painfully. People had needs, and the world sort of mobilized and started producing ventilators and the world urgently started to produce medical products. Ventilator production increased approximately 400% compared to other years and this difficult situation turned into an opportunity for Suno Medical. This is where Suno Medical was needed on the field, Because the ventilator is not a device that you can use on the ground and it must be used with a trolley. Suno Medicals quality and production knowledge, it has caught this ventilator trend extremely strongly. As Lev Tolstoy describes it in his story. Right place, right time, right person.