The world has always been a place that improves itself. And countries, societies, and companies that keep up with this change have always been successful and pioneers. Communities that follow these changes well, investigate the changes in detail, and integrate these changes are very successful compared to other communities. Nowadays, with the new era, one of the most important of these changes is definitely Cryptocurrency.

Crypto money is a digital asset, a virtual element, that uses cryptography to secure transactions, the way it works is designed as an alternative to a cash exchange tool. Cryptocurrencies are a kind of digital currency, alternative currency, and virtual currency. The most famous and most expensive of crypto coins is bitcoin. The first decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Crypto money is not just limited to bitcoin. Hundreds of altcoins are available. Tokens, cryptocurrencies, and other types of digital assets that are not bitcoin are collectively known as alternative cryptocurrencies, typically shortened to “altcoins”. And the number and value of cryptocurrencies continue to increase today.

With the introduction of crypto coins in our lives, some companies have announced that their products can be purchased with crypto money. It is a revolutionary event for these markets. Because if this view becomes widespread and the crypto money world becomes more dominant, a new era may begin and cash (paper) money will be out of circulation. We think the importance of cryptocurrencies will certainly increase exponentially in the future. And as Suno Medical, We are aware of the importance of cryptocurrencies for the world and we follow cryptocurrencies very closely. Suno Medical is a company that has always looked at innovations positively and always strives to integrate these innovations. We want to activate the sales of our products with crypto money in the future.