Vertical Unit Monitor Stands

Vertical Unit Monitor Stands Technical Specifications

  • Monitor stand can be mounted on T channel of vertical pendant system.
  • Stand parts are made of aluminum material and coated with eloxal.
  • The monitor can be moved up-down on the wall channel.
  • It has the feature of being fixed on the adjusted position.
  • The monitor can be rotated 360 degrees around its own axis.
  • The monitor can be moved back- front and right-left, like a cradle.
  • The monitor can be easily demounted from the monitor stand.
  • The monitor stand has a capacity to carry 30 kg.
  • All bolts and screws required for mounting on the wall rail are covered in order to prevent visual pollution.
  • Dimensions of a wire basket: 320 x 195 x 125 mm.
  • Wire basket is coated with PE (polyethylene).
  • There are stopper bolts for preventing fall off the monitor carrier console on the wall connection rail.
  • The monitor stand is completely demountable.
  • It has ergonomic design.
  • The whole product can be demountable.
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