VGA-60D-CANVAS1000| GE Canvas 1000 Trolley

  • Carrier unit is produced by aluminum injection method.
  • It has casters with high carrying capacity of 125 mm.
  • All wheels can be immobilized and locked.
  • Body is made of aluminum profile.
  • Body structure is 60 kg.
  • Monitor height can be adjusted.
  • Monitor tilt can be adjusted and fixed.
  • The positions of the Basket and Frame on the body can be changed.
  • There is a Carescape One mounting arm on the body profile.
  • Basket dimensions: 320x195x125mm.
  • There are cable holders on the front and sides of the basket
  • The carrying capacity of the basket is 8kg.
  • There are grab bars and cable hangers on the stand.
  • Handle is coated with PE (polyethylene).




Box :  71 cm x 102 cm x 25 cm
Gross Weight :  27 kg
Net Weight :  22 kg


You can find below which models compatible with VGA-60D-IACS;

GE : Canvas 1000 & Carescape One

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