VGA-60D-T50 | Wide Wheel ECG Stand

•The carrier unit has 4 arms and is made of injection aluminum.
•125mm plastic casters that has high carrying capacity, durable are used.
•Two of the plastic casters are braked and lockable.
•Stand body is made of extruded aluminum profile.
•The stand body has a carrying capacity of 60kg.
•The dimensions of the wire basket are 320x195x125mm.
•The basket has cable hangerson its front and sides.
•The basket has a carrying capacity of 8kg.
•The stand set is made of a lean metal alloy.
•The handle and cable holder are fixed on the part.
•The handle is coated with plastic.



You can find below which models compatible with VGA-60D-T50;


GE Healthcare : MAC VU360™, MAC 3500, MAC 2000
Spacelab : CardioExpress SL18A, SL12A, SL6A
Philips : Efficia ECG100, IntelliSpace ECG, ST80i, PageWriter TC10, TC20, TC30, PageWriter TC50
Mindray : BeneHeart R12, R3, M9, M7 Premium
Schiller : CARDIOVIT AT-180, FT-1, AT-102 G2, MS-2015, AT-1 G2
Nihon Kohden : CardioFax G ECG-2550
Edan : SE-1200 Basic, SE-1200 Express, SE-12 Express, SE-18 Lead, SE-601C/B/A, SE-301, SE-3

It can also be compatible with other brands and models.



Box : 52 cm x 17 cm x 27 cm
Gross Weight : 27 kg
Net Weight : 23 kg

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