DMS-H200-MX | Stand for Philips Quick Release Kit

  • Stand parts are made of aluminum materials and coated with eloxal.
  • Monitor can be move vertical direction.
  • Stand can adjust to any desired position.
  • Rotary arm can move 180 degrees.
  • Production method of the fixed arm is aluminum injection.
  • Monitor can rotate 360° around its own axis and it can tilt back and forth (+/-20°).
  • Monitor can easily demounted from the stand.
  • Stand has a capacity to carry 30 kg. At least 6 units of screw socket connection for montage.
  • Stopper bolts are available to prevent fall of carrier console on the wall connection rail.
  • We produce the wire basket by coating polyethylene to protect it against deformation.
  • Wire basket is changeable.
  • Cable holders are available on the basket.
  • Dimensions of wire basket: 320x195x125 mm.



You can find below which models compatible with DMS-H200-MX;

Philips : IntelliVue MX40, IntelliVue X3, IntelliVue MX800, IntelliVue MP5, IntelliVue MX700, IntelliVue MX550, IntelliVue MX500, IntelliVue MMS X2, IntelliVue MX450, IntelliVue MX400, IntelliVue AD85, IntelliVue MX100, IntelliVue AD75, IntelliVue MP5SC, SureSigns VS4, SureSigns VS2+, SureSigns VSi, Efficia CM100, Efficia CM120



Box :  52 cm x 17 cm x 27 cm
Gross Weight :  3,2 kg
Net Weight :  3 kg




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