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Started in 1991, being an industrialist journey transformed to Suno Mühendislik Company in 2005. The company designed and manufactured machine, mold and equipment design in its sector. After 2008, with a commercial foresight, SUNO MEDİKAL designed and manufactured medical device stands that hospitals need for health sector. SUNO MEDİKAL targeted to transfer its domestic sales and marketing potential to abroad.

SUNO MEDİKAL focuses on entrepreneurship, high technology, innovation, R&D, P&D works and conducts TUBITAK-TEYDEP projects in new campus which has 3000 m2 indoor space. SUNO MEDİKAL produces solutions for those company which are leaders of sector. Company takes confident steps for being a world brand.

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To focus on the customer, health worker and patients’ need and satisfaction, rely on international laws, total quality manner, environment, occupational health & safety, ethic values. Also being a company that adopt management efectiveness.


To build a world brand which designs, produces and sells medical device stands that hospitals need.

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Core Values

  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Value given to the customer and customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement and development.
  • Quick problem solutions.
  • Productive, effective and dynamic management.
  • Flexible production.
  • High quality.
  • Efficient use of the sources.
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