VGA-60D-MQ | Ventillator Cart

  • Stand body is produced by aluminum profile extrusion method and coated with eloxal.
  • Carrier with 4 legs, produced of aluminum cast material and painted with electrostatic powder.
  • Ventillator is easily demountable from the trolley.
  • Dimensions of a wire basket: 320 x 195 x 125 mm.
  • Wire basket is coated with PE (polyethylene).
  • Wire basket is changeable if required.
  • Wire basket can be moved up and down.
  • It has high carrying capacity and durable plastic casters (Ø 125 mm) are used.
  • Plastic casters can be changeable.
  • Two of the wheels have brakes and lockable.
  • The monitor stand has a capacity to carry 45 kg but it has shown resistance up to 90kg in our tests.
  • The cart is completely demountable.
  • There are structural analysis reports showing the carrying capacity.
  • It has ergonomic design.



Box :  102 cm x 78 cm x 19 cm
Gross Weight :  13,7 kg
Net Weight :  11 kg




You can find below which models compatible with VGA-60D-MQ;

It can also be compatible with other brands and models.

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