Covid-19 pandemic considered to be the biggest global health disaster facing humanity since World War II. An epidemic break out in Wuhan, China, at the end of December, which was called COVID-19 (2019  coronavirus disease)  by the World  Health Organization. Countries closed their borders to each other, international trade almost came to a halt, production in many sectors stopped, health and other public spending’s severely increased, and thus the global economy took a serious damage. Sectors such as; tourism, transportation, restaurant, entertainment, and dozens of similar sectors with human requirements have come to a standstill. The economy went into major crisis. Companies started to work from home, the manufacturing sector suffered major problems with the disruption of the supply chain. Since fairs and promotions also stopped, companies had difficulty in finding new customers and the world realized the value of something again… the Internet. New term entered our lives. Pandemic and new Life. Company presentations, meetings, and fairs are now being done online. Firms find their customers from the internet. Employees worked online at home. The supply chain was provided with the internet. People realized they were wrong, they realized that, there are actually many varieties of products.

The year 2020 has been a year in which unexpected problems have been experienced due to the pandemic and the capacity of businesses to adapt to crises is tested, and 2021 and beyond may be the scene of greater challenges. In 2021 the world will be more further “online” streamlined. and it is expected to overcome the shock and fix the economy with the Internet and it is expected that it will pass the economic crises and come to a better place. Humanity has improved themselves further after every disaster. The greatest development in the name of science took place during the 2nd world war