DMS-3PP-CANVAS1000 | Wall and Pendant Stand for GE Canvas 1000

  • Stand parts are made of aluminum materials and coated with eloxal.
  • Monitor can be move vertical direction.
  • GE Canvas 1000 Stand includes Carescape One holder, Frame holder, Swivel arm and basket for Monitor.
  • Stand can adjust to any desired position.
  • Rotary arm can move 180 degrees.
  • Production method of the fixed arm is aluminum injection.
  • Monitor can rotate 360° around its own axis and it can tilt back and forth (+/-20°).
  • Monitor can easily demounted from the stand.
  • Stand has a capacity to carry 30 kg. At least 6 units of screw socket connection for montage.
  • Stopper bolts are available to prevent fall of carrier console on the wall connection rail.
  • We produce the wire basket by coating polyethylene to protect it against deformation.
  • Cable holders are available on the basket.
  • Dimensions of wire basket: 320x195x125 mm.



You can find below which models compatible with DMS-3PP;

GE Healthcare : Canvas 1000 & Carescape One


Box :
Gross Weight :
Net Weight :




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