Suno Medical established in Ankara, capital city of Turkey. Suno Medical is a global brand. As Suno Medical we produce, mounting solutions and trolleys for medical devices such as Patient Monitors, Vital Sign Monitors, ECG Devices, Defibrillators and Ventilators. And the product we will be reviewing today is SMS-30Y. SMS-30Y is an unique product that we produce. SMS-30Y is a star foot (five wheels) monitor carrying stand. It is compatible with various products of big companies such as Mindray Company from China, Ge Company from United Kingdom, Drager Company from Germany and Philips Company from Netherlands. We export to many countries and we aim to increase our export number day by day.

If we need to talk about it is technical features, We can easily say that we produce an extremely high quality and useful product. The stand body of SMS-30Y is made of aluminum pipe type profile and produced by extrusion method. The Monitor can rotate 360 degrees around its axis and also the Monitor can be easily detached from the stand of the monitor. It also has a wire basket and this wire basket can be removed at any time. The SMS-30Y with a carrying capacity of 45 kilograms also has high carrying capacity and durable plastic wheels. In addition, two of the plastic wheels are braked and lockable. With these features, we offer our customers an such a good product in terms of quality and usability.

Without sacrificing quality. By increasing the International trade we do today. We aim to be a global company that is one in its sector and we work for it. SMS-30Y is also demanded and sold domestically. In addition to SMS-30Y receives demands from other countries as a quality and useful product